Caroline & The Big Move, Contů

By: Jana~





--Finding out that Julia gave birth to Richard's son was a shock to Caroline and Richard, but they were determined to get married as planned. They decided to go see Richard's son in Italy, and get married while they were there. While at the airport, ready to board the plane, some facts came to light that changed everything...

"So, you seem kinda quiet." Richard said softly.

"Richard, what you said about kids before... you don't really mean..."

"What?" Richard asked.

"Well, you made it sound like you don't want anymore." Caroline said anxiously.

"I don't." Richard said, watching Caroline's expression turn to shock and sadness. "Caroline, I never wanted to have any. I mean, now that I have one, I'm going to take care of him... but, that's it." he added soberly.

"That's it?"

"You know the family I came from, Caroline... you've always known how I feel about this." Richard said earnestly.

"Yes... I know but... I guess I always thought you'd change once you were in a relationship."

"Caroline... how much do you expect me to change?"

"I don't. You shouldn't have to." Caroline said with certainty.

"I mean, I've really tried."

"I know. I know... I know."

"You know what? Look, there are other flights... why don't we go somewhere and talk, ok?" Richard suggested.

"Why is this just so hard Richard? It seems like every time we go around a corner we find some other thing that we can't work out." Caroline said sadly.

"So, um... now, is... is this the end?" Richard asked hesitantly.

"Richard, I want children and you don't. I don't know what is left to talk about." Caroline said tearfully. Richard just stood there, numb. "You should go. Go see your son." Caroline suggested.

"Yes, I should." Richard agreed. Caroline leaned in and they kissed softly...

"I'm gonna miss you." Caroline said, then turned to walk away. Richard started to walk towards his flight, then turned around...

"Caroline..." Richard called out... Caroline turned to look at him... "I'll always love you." Richard added sadly. Caroline smiled sadly and nodded, tears flowing...

"I'll love you too." she said, struggling to find her voice. She walked away crying.


--Richard went to Italy to see his son, Steefano. In a very short amount of time, Richard fell in love with Stefano, and with being a father. While out one day at a sidewalk cafe with Stefano, Charlie skated by...

"Hey, Richard!" Charlie announced, not even bothering to slow down.

"Oh, hey Charlie. Charlie, Charlie! Charlie!" Richard called after him, amazed to see him.

"What?" Charlie asked, skating back to Richard's table.

"Charlie, we've just run into each other halfway around the world, you weren't going to stop and say hello?" Richard asked, amazed that Charlie was going to just skate by.

"I did. I said 'Hey Richard!'." Richard hugged Charlie, then asked him to join him.

"Charlie, I want you to meet someone. This is my son Stefano." Richard said proudly.

"Aw, you got one of those?"


"Oh, congratulations! Hey Stefano. Hi buddy. So, do you know who the mother is?"

"Um, it's Julia." Richard replied with a slight chuckle.

"Oh, you guys are back together."

"No, no." Richard said quietly.

"Thank God. So, how do you like being a Dad?"

"I love it! Oh my God, I can't believe I just said that." Richard said, amazed by his own words.

"You know, I always thought Caroline would be a part of this picture."

"She could be now."

"Well, you should let her know. Say something to her... at the wedding." Charlie suggested.

"Whose wedding?" Richard asked, confused.

"Caroline's wedding."

"Caroline's getting married?" Richard asked, shock written all over his face.

"She didn't invite you to the wedding? Oh, well, see? Isn't this awkward? I knew I shouldn't have stopped." Charlie said as Richard sat deep in thought.


--Caroline looked beautiful in her wedding gown. Annie walked down the aisle while Caroline waited for The Wedding March to start... her cue. Finally, the time had come. Fred Duffy walked his daughter down the aisle to Randy, then the preacher began the ceremony. Within a few minutes the preacher asked the all important question...

"If there is anyone here who knows of a reason why this man and this woman should not be joined in marriage, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace." Just then Stefano started to cry. Richard had entered the church and went up into the balcony with Stefano quietly so that they wouldn't disrupt the ceremony. Caroline heard a baby cry and turned around to see where it was coming from. She was shocked to see Richard standing there, his son in his arms. Tears started to well up in her eyes as he waved to her with Stefano's baby toy in his hand. Annie approached Caroline and placed her hand on Caroline's shoulder...

"C'mon, let's go to the dressing room. I'll have Del bring Richard back so you can talk to him." she said softly, gently pulling her towards the room. Annie looked at Del and gestured for him to bring Richard back to the dressing room.


Who would you like to see Caroline get together with?


Caroline & Richard

Caroline & Randy

Caroline & Nobody