Caroline & The Big Night, Cont…

By: Jana~

Rated 'NC-17'






--Caroline smiled as Richard tripped on the stairs. She didn’t know if he had done it on purpose or not, but it would’ve been just like him to do something like that, to break the tension. She thought of asking him, but she had more pressing thoughts on her mind.

Richard entered the bedroom a moment after she did, and shut the door softly behind him. She guided him closer to the bed, then turned to embrace him, running her hands up his chest and resting them on his shoulders. His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to him, their hips touching. Then, the kiss. Soft and gentle, tender and sweet, sensual and arousing. Perfect. Hungry for contact, he rubbed himself against her as the kiss increased in intensity.

Caroline could feel his arousal through his dark slacks, the sensation of his movement adding to her desire. The kiss became soft again as she felt his hands slide to her hips, resting there briefly before wandering slowly up her back to her shoulders. His lips left her mouth and found their way to her neck, kissing and nibbling as he reached around to the zipper on her dress. He slowly dragged the zipper down, his fingertips tickling and tantalizing as he went. With a simple movement he slipped the material off her shoulders and allowed the dress to fall to the floor.

Richard felt her shiver, goosebumps rising a moment later as he kissed her shoulder, his hands returning to her waist. His lips sought hers again, tasting and exploring, his hands inching upwards, stopping when he felt the elastic band on her bra. His thumbs lightly grazed the material, inciting a sound from Caroline that might have been a gasp or sigh if her mouth had not been engaged in their passionate kiss. Gently breaking the kiss, he pulled back slightly to look in her eyes.

Caroline slowly opened her eyes as she felt Richard move away, the raw emotion in his stare electrifying. She felt herself hold her breath as he moved his hands to her face, his palms cupping her cheeks, his thumbs brushing lightly over her eyes and brows. She dropped her hands to his hips, struggling to steady herself as she reeled in response to his warmth and tenderness. She had fantasized about his passion, what it would be like to have his hands all over her body, caressing and fondling… the reality was even better than her dreams.

He moved his hands through her hair, traveling down her back, arriving at the hooks on her bra. While delicately slipping his fingers under the elastic, he kissed and licked her ear, nibbling on the lobe. He unfastened each hook, then placed his hands on her shoulders, turning her gently while walking behind her, her back to his front. Caroline laid her head back against his chest as he pushed the bra straps down her arms, the garment falling easily to the floor. His right hand pressed gently against her flat stomach, holding her firmly to him, his left hand finding her petite breast. Fingers lightly skimming over her taut nipple, rolling it between his thumb and finger brought a moan to Caroline’s throat. The sound affected Richard in a profound way, and he brought his right hand to her right breast, giving it equal treatment while he kissed and sucked on the tender skin between her neck and shoulder. She reached her hands behind her, grasping Richard’s hips and pulling him to her. Skillfully, he slid his hands down her sides and into her panties, sliding them down her legs. She kicked them aside as he worked his way back up her legs, rubbing and fondling. He stood slightly to her side, running his hand between her legs, encouraging her to open her stance. He teased her inner thighs, causing Caroline to grow weak.

She turned to face him, her eyes clouded with longing, and he smiled lovingly. He grasped her hands and brought them up to his chest, prompting her to unbutton his shirt. With trembling hands she worked each button as Richard rubbed her arms. She pulled the tucked-in portion of his shirt out of his pants and pushed the shirt down and off, quickly moving to his undershirt. She removed his T-shirt with his help, pulling it over his head and tossing it across the room. Now he was shirtless too, his chiseled chest soft and warm, sprinkled with blondish hairs that tickled to touch. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her, her chest against his. She kissed his neck, biting gently and sucking firmly, leaving little pink marks of her love…

"Oh, God, Caroline…" he whispered, breathless and throaty, running his hands down her back, just past her waist, squeezing softly.

She moved back to smile at him, then she dropped her hands to his belt, watching his expression as she unbuckled it, his eyes closing slowly in anticipation. With the snap and zipper undone and out of the way, she timidly slid his pants down, kneeling before him. After untying his shoes, she helped him to take them off as he held her shoulders for balance. He kicked his pants to the side, leaving just his boxers remaining. As she continued kneeling she ran her hands up his legs, inside his loose fitting boxers, teasing very near where he wanted her hands the most. Not able to wait any longer, Richard started to push his boxers off, and Caroline quickly took over the task. She touched her lips feather soft to his thighs, working her way to his arousal, kissing and licking once she arrived. He groaned quietly and she could hear his breathing become rapid as she expressed her love, taking him into her mouth, moving slowly but with purpose. Without conscious thought he reached out and touched her head, winding his fingers in her hair. She sped up her movements, relishing his reaction.

"Caroline…" he gasped inaudibly… "Caroline…" he repeated, with just enough sound to get her attention.

She backed away to look up at him, and he leaned forward and gripped her shoulders, gesturing for her to stand…

"I won’t last 2 minutes at this rate…" he whispered, holding her tight, fighting to regain control.

"I’m sorry…" she apologized, smiling shyly…

"God, Caroline, don’t apologize! That was… magnificent. I just want this night to last longer than 5 minutes." He kissed her lips, cupping her face in his hand… "I want this night to be incredible…"

"It already is…"

He kissed her again, passionately, wantonly, moving her slowly to the bed. He eased her back, lying beside her and running his hands over her thighs. He kissed her softly, moving to her neck, then to her shoulders, eventually kissing his way to her breasts. He flicked the nipple with his tongue, causing Caroline to squirm. Her reaction encouraged him to move to the other breast, licking and kissing it while fondling the other. He inhaled deeply to steady his eagerness as he kissed lower, brushing her stomach with his lips. She gasped as he kissed lower still, realizing where he was headed. He gently spread her legs, nuzzling against her curly hair, the sound that escaped her lips causing him to nearly lose control. He parted her swollen lips ever so slightly, licking and kissing the core of her femininity, pleasuring her.

"Richard… Richard…" Caroline whispered pleadingly.

She could feel her need for release building, and she grabbed at the sheets, raising her hips off the bed to give him better access. He stopped abruptly and kissed his way to her lips, smiling at her obvious disappointment.

"I love you, Caroline…" he hummed softly in her ear, positioning himself above her.

She grabbed at his shoulders desperately, needing to feel him inside her, needing to feel that oneness. He kissed her hungrily as he entered her, moving slowly, easing further and further with each gentle thrust. She could feel her climax building once again as he made love to her, attuned to her wants and needs, fulfilling them completely. Caroline whimpered and Richard knew she was close, as was he. He sped up his movement, holding her tight to him, their bodies melding together as one. They both cried out with a myriad of grunts and groans as their orgasms shook their bodies, a perfect feeling of bliss following moments later.

Richard rolled to his side and held Caroline tight to him, listening in awe as her breathing returned to normal.

"Wow, Richard. That was… wow…"

"Extremely ‘wow’…"

"You were incredible…" she breathed… "Simply incredible…"

Richard couldn’t help but smile… "Thanks. You were… beyond incredible…"


"Just give me a moment to… recover… then I’ll be incredible again…"


Richard smiled as he lightly stroked her face with the backside of his fingers… "That was just foreplay…"

"JUST foreplay?"

"Caroline, I have waited for this for so long… I want this night to last a week."

"Wow. By this point Del was off making a sandwich… and Joe--"

"Caroline, Caroline, please." He interrupted… "Can we not talk about your former boyfriends and fiancés?"

Caroline chuckled softly and smiled… "Sorry…"

"You’re forgiven."

He combed his fingers through her hair and kissed her, spreading tender kisses to her cheeks, her eyelids, her chin, her forehead, adoring her face with his lips. His hands started roaming all over her body, touching her everywhere.

Caroline sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying his affection… "I love your hands…"

"My hands?" Richard asked, somewhat amazed by the admission.

"Yes. I always have. Sometimes, when I watch you work… I imagine you touching me, caressing me. They’re so artistic… and gifted… at more than just painting."


"Yeah, really. Even better than my fantasies."

"Fantasies? You fantasize about me?"

Caroline smiled, taking his hand and kissing each finger… "Of course. Have you… ever fantasized… about me?" she asked between kisses. She could have sworn she saw him blush…

"Yes, I have." He admitted, emotions stirring as he watched her affection intently.

"Yeah? What about?"

"Your lips…" he whispered, running his thumb across her lips… "All over me. Kissing me."

She took that as her cue. She shifted her body over his, straddling him. Smiling, she leaned forward and kissed his lips gently, brushing her lips across his cheek, down his neck to his chest…

"Mmmm… Caroline…" he hummed, stroking her hair.

"Touch me, Richard." Her voice was quiet but ardent.

He ran his hands up her back, caressing her shoulders before bringing his hands around to her breasts, fondling them. Gently and lovingly he pinched her nipples, causing them to harden as her need rekindled. His hands then traveled down her stomach, across her hips and up and down her thighs; she moaned in response. He loved the sounds she made. They were the sign he was bringing her pleasure, and he followed her cues based on those sounds and her facial expressions. She leaned forward and laid on him, weak from the dizzying affect he was having on her. He held her tight and sat up with her, swinging his legs off the bed, Caroline now in his lap. With his hands around her back, supporting her, he kissed the nape of her neck and the valley between her breasts, then he licked his way to each breast. He kissed and nipped at each nipple, biting very gently then licking soothingly. Caroline threw her head back and moaned, her reaction causing Richard to shiver with desire.

"I love the sounds you make…" his voice was barely over a whisper…

"I love how you create that reaction within me…" She replied breathlessly as she ran her hands through his hair. He kissed her urgently, then stood, helping her to stand. He patted the bed, prompting her to climb in…

"Get on your hands and knees." He instructed, receiving an odd look from Caroline…

"Excuse me?" she asked warily.

Richard smiled and kissed her lips gentle and sweet… "Trust me."

She smiled, then reluctantly climbed into bed, getting into the position he’d asked of her. He climbed in behind her, then gently pulled her to a sitting position, with her on her knees, her back to him. He slowly caressed her shoulders, massaging and helping her to relax, sensing her slight anxiety. He nuzzled into her hair, whispering words of love. When he felt her relax, he brought his hands down her back and around to her front, cupping each breast in his hands. He kneaded them delicately, brushing his fingers over her nipples, delighting in the soft moans coming from her. Carefully he leaned against her, encouraging her to lean forward on her hands. He rubbed up and down her back, down to her hips and buttocks, on to her thighs, then back again. He wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her firmly as his other hand wandered to her head, stroking her hair tenderly…

"Lay your head down." he directed, impelling her. She complied.

He gripped her hips and pressed himself against her, causing her to gasp. He teased her by not quite entering her, and she squirmed impatiently. She tried to force herself back onto him, but he held her firmly, and he smiled when she whined in frustration.

"You ok?" he asked playfully.

"Don’t tease, Richard. I need you…" she groaned lustfully.

He closed his eyes at the sound of longing in her voice, overwhelmed with desire. He ended her sweet torture and entered her, sighing at the exquisite sensation. He moved slowly, pacing himself, pleasing Caroline foremost on his mind. When her breathing became rapid and shallow, he knew she was close. He withdrew and turned her over forcefully but carefully, being sure not to hurt her. He spread her legs and kneeled between them, his hands exploring her thighs. When his thumb found her most sensitive area and began rubbing and caressing, Caroline stifled a scream…

"Oh, God, Richard… please…" she begged… "I need you inside me…"

He continued stroking her, positioning himself. He entered her, his thumb never leaving its task. Caroline writhed as he pleasured her, whispering his name repeatedly. He watched as her face contorted with gratification, gasping for air and grabbing at his shoulders, trying to bring him to her. When he was sure she had reached her peak and was beyond, he put his arms around her and held her tight. He picked up the pace, bringing himself to the brink, and Caroline again as well. She screamed his name and dug her nails into his back, the second climax taking her by surprise. He winced slightly at the stinging the scratches caused, but the pain paled in comparison to the orgasm that was building. He closed his eyes and moaned as the beautiful sensation washed over him. As the feeling subsided he slowed, collapsing beside her from exhaustion.

"Thank you…" Caroline finally broke the silence.

Richard opened his eyes and looked at her… "Thank you?"

"Yeah. That was… amazing. Amazing isn’t even a strong enough word..."

"That good huh?" he chuckled, slightly amused.

"Good isn’t anywhere NEAR a strong enough word to adequately describe that."

"I agree." He kissed her, then gathered her into is arms.

"I’ve never had that…"


"Two of them. You know… orgasms. At one time…" she admitted shyly.


She nodded.

"Wow. I did something no one else has done for you?"

"Yes. Makes it even more special, you know?"

"Yeah…" Richard beamed, pleased with himself, but even more pleased that he had brought that kind of pleasure to the woman he loved with all his heart.

They fell fast asleep in each other’s arms, snuggling close, their naked bodies pressed together.


--They were in the position they had fallen asleep in, more or less, when the sun peeked in, warming the room. Caroline was scared awake by the sound of the phone ringing, and grabbed it quick, hoping to stop it from waking Richard.

"Hello?" she asked the phone sleepily…

"Caroline! Why is your door chained? I couldn’t get in!" Annie announced, annoyed. "I was banging for like 5 minutes! You had me worried!"

"Sorry. It’s just, we had a late night…"

"Uh-huh. I bet! Dish girl!"

"Not now Annie. Maybe later."

Annie grumbled softly, then chuckled… "Ok, but, just tell me… scale from one to ten… ten being best…"

"On a scale from one to ten… hmmm… twenty-two." Caroline laughed as she said it, stifling it so as not to disturb Richard.

"Get out!"

"I’m out!"

"Richie? A 10-plus? Really?"


"Huh. It’s always the quiet ones…" Annie thought out loud, then shook that conversation from her mind, heading for the next thought… "Hey! Open the door so I can get some coffee!"

"Ummm… I don’t think so."

"What? Why?"

"Annie, Richard is still sleeping and I want to be too."

"So? I won’t make any noise."

"To be you is to make noise." Caroline joked.

"Oh, c’mon! What am I supposed to do for coffee?"

"You know, the grocery store does sell everything you need to make your OWN coffee…"

"I don’t wanna go to the store…" Annie whined.

"Then go to Starbucks. Going now. Bye Annie." Caroline hung up the phone before she could complain further, then snuggled back up to Richard. She had almost fallen back asleep when…

"A twenty-two, huh?" Richard asked, smiling proudly.

Caroline pulled back and smiled at the expression on his face…

"Easily." Was her reply.

He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, the love expressed in that sweet and simple gesture amazed Caroline…

"I love you, Richard."

"I love you too."

She sighed contentedly… "You wanna wake up now? Or did you wanna get some more sleep?"

"Let’s sleep a little longer. We’re gonna need our rest…"


--Caroline stirred when she felt Richard slip out of bed…


"Ssshhh…" he whispered… "Go back to sleep, I’ll be right back." He kissed her before walking out the bedroom door and for the stairs. Within a few moments she could hear rustling in the kitchen and the smell of coffee found its way into the room. She smiled as she realized, he was making her breakfast.

Richard got the coffee started, then got out a couple apples and some cheese, cutting the apple in wedges and the cheese in cubes. After pouring them each a cup of coffee, he climbed the stairs carefully with breakfast in hand. Quickly setting the coffee mugs down on the nightstand, he set the fruit and cheese plate on the bed.

"What’s all this?" Caroline asked as he climbed into bed.

"Apples and cheese. And coffee. We need to keep up our strength…" he chuckled, delicately feeding her a slice of apple.

They ate the food, feeding each other and giggling like school children…

"This is great."

"What is?" Richard asked.

"Just spending this kind of time with you."

"Ah, yes, I agree."

Caroline smiled and fed him a piece of cheese… "So, what do you want to do today?" she asked, kissing his lips softly.

"More of the same?"

"At this rate you’re going to get sick of me…"

"Never. That could never happen."

He fed the last apple wedge to her, then gently tossed the plate off the bed, kissing her before she could even swallow the fruit. He pulled back and smiled at her, waiting for her to finish the apple, then, when he was sure she was done, leaned in and kissed her again.

"Let’s take a shower…" he suggested eagerly…

"Shower sounds good." Caroline agreed quickly.

--The water felt perfect on their tired bodies, the warm steam relaxing them. Caroline reached for the soap, but Richard captured her hands, taking the bar away from her…

"Allow me…" he purred, working up a lather.

He rubbed the suds all over her body, sensually caressing her as he washed away the result of their lovemaking. Caroline closed her eyes as he cherished her, leaning her back against the cool shower tiles. When he was done, he set the bar of soap down…

"Tilt your head back." He whispered, and she obeyed.

With a gentle touch he rinsed her hair, wetting it, then he poured the shampoo in his hands, transferring the fragrant foam to her hair. He rubbed gently, working the lather to her scalp, massaging with his fingertips.

"Do you have any idea how good that feels?"

He smiled as he kissed her lips… "I’m glad you like it. Do you have any idea how sexy you are?"

A small smile crossed her lips while a slight shade of red colored her face. She had never thought of herself as sexy, but Richard made her feel that way…

"Are you blushing?" he whispered, amused by her timidity.

The fact that he caught her embarrassment made her change a darker shade of red…

"No, it’s the warmth of the shower…"

"Hold still while I rinse the soap out of your hair."

"I like you like this." She admitted as the water washed the shampoo from her hair.

"Like what?"

"Affectionate. Loving. Attentive. You haven’t been at all cynical or withdrawn since we got back from the Inn."

"This side of me is reserved for only you…" he kissed her with the utmost love and respect, running his hands over her body…

"You’re insatiable!"

"I could never get enough of you."

She leaned into him, kissing him, licking his lips; he groaned in response, letting her take the lead. Reaching her hand behind her she grabbed the bar of soap, placing her hands on his arms she turned his back to the shower wall, all the while still kissing and nibbling on his lips.

"Your turn." She informed as she worked up a lather, letting the bar fall to the floor as she rubbed the soap all over his body…

"Mmmmm… that feels nice…"

When she was done with the fun task of soaping him, she grabbed the shampoo bottle, then looked at him with a smile…

"I think you’re too tall…"

He knelt down in front of her… "How’s this?"


She brought the showerhead to him, rinsing his hair, being careful not to let the water run into his eyes. She worked the lather into his hair, massaging his scalp as he had done for her. He closed his eyes, enjoying how loved she made him feel. As she rinsed the suds from his hair, he wrapped his arms around her waist, his face against her stomach. When she was done, she placed the showerhead back in place, and he gripped her hips as he continued kneeling. He looked up at her, his eyes dancing with desire, and she knew very well what was on his mind. He ran his hand up her leg, stopping at her knee, then lifted gently…

"Put your foot on my shoulder…" he instructed, but could see she was losing balance. "Here, stand against the wall…" He moved so she could lean against the shower wall, and he knelt before her, lifting her leg… "Now put your foot on my shoulder…"

She did, her breathing becoming labored as she anticipated what was to come. Slowly, almost as if to torture her, he kissed her wet skin, blowing on her as he traveled lower and lower. Pausing for effect, he finally brushed his lips across hers, in awe of her response. His tongue darted out, licking her. Feeling her start to buckle he grabbed on to her hips, supporting her. When his tongue entered her, it was all she could take…

"Richard…" she whispered… "I can’t-- I’m-- Oh my God…"

He shuddered over her reaction, need controlling his actions. He sped up the tempo, pleasuring her. She moaned that distinctive moan, and he felt her quiver as her release shook through her body. He continued to delight her till he felt her quiet, then he stood and kissed her fondly, intimately, hungrily.

She was amazed by Richard. His love and passion was incredible, and she wanted to do something to give him as much pleasure as he had given her. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his growing erection, stroking him, and he gasped into her mouth. She continued to fondle him as they kissed, his tongue dancing with hers, erotic and beautiful. He ran his hand up her side, cupping her breast before moving his hand to her shoulder, gripping tightly as he felt his climax approaching. Caroline could feel him tense up and she hurried her rhythm, finally being rewarded for her efforts. With a soft groan his body shuddered and his orgasm transformed his legs to the consistency of jelly, almost collapsing. He put his hands on the shower wall, helping to steady himself as the sensation passed.

"That was…" he faltered, then smiled… "Unbelievable."

Caroline smiled shyly, then looked to the running water… "Shower’s getting cold…"

"Let’s continue this in bed…"


--Caroline, snuggled up in her soft terry robe and Richard, in just his boxers, laid head to toe with one another, rubbing each other’s feet…

"I think I knew something as soon as you kissed me. You know, at Remo’s the night you pretended to be my date. But before I could really process it, Del was back in my life, and you seemed… uninterested…" Caroline stated softly.

"Believe me, I wasn’t uninterested. Just afraid."

"Of what? Me?"

"Not exactly. But I guess in a way… yeah. I still am. You have it within your power to completely destroy me emotionally…"

"But you know I would never do that, right?"

"I do now, yes. But then, I wasn’t sure. Not because I thought you were a hurtful person, but because I was so sure that you could never love me. If I had confessed my feelings for you, it would’ve forced you to say ‘I don’t feel the same way about you.’ …and I knew I couldn’t survive that." His tone was sad and it brought a tear to Caroline’s eyes…

"When did you know you were in love with me?"

"I knew for sure when Del proposed to you, but I was in denial before that. I kept telling myself we were too different, and it wasn’t love. Couldn’t possibly be love…"

"And Julia?"

"Was a mistake. An attempt to ‘get over you’. She was… familiar…"

Caroline simply nodded.

"What about you? When did you know?"

"You mean for sure?"


"When Julia showed up. But before that, there were a few times I thought… maybe… Like, do you remember when you had your polyp removed?"

Richard looked at her curiously, then nodded.

"You were so drugged. They gave you the wrong medication, do you remember any of that?"

"I remember the nurse mistaking me for another patient."

"That’s why she gave you the wrong medication! You just… went ‘bye-bye’!" she laughed as she remembered… "You showed up here in nothing but your hospital gown, slippers, and coat, talking about how they were after your gallbladder. I was finally able to get you back to the hospital, and I got you all settled in bed, and I was on my way out… do you know what you said?"

He shook his head ‘no’.

"You said… ‘Caroline, I love you’."

"I did?"

"Yep! I was in the taxi ready to leave, but the fact that you’d said that got me thinking… so I went back in to see you. I had to talk to you. When I got to your room, they had started to move you into surgery, so I met up with you in the hall. You said it again. You said ‘Caroline, I love you, and if I recover I want us to move to Paris.’…"

"You’re kidding!"

"No, I’m not. Then, you said the same thing to the nurse… then to the jello! I just figured it was because you were drugged!"

"Why didn’t you tell me about that?"

"I thought it might embarrass you."

"So, why tell me now?"

She smiled brightly… "Cause it was funny, and I wanted to share!"

"Well, thanks for sharing." He quipped sarcastically.

"No problem. Switch feet please."

He chuckled softly as he started rubbing her other foot.

"You really do have magic hands." She complimented.

"Thank you. You know, even your feet are sexy."

"You like my pedicure?"


A few quiet moments passed, both just enjoying the others affection.

"Richard?" Caroline broke the silence… "Tell me about your childhood…"


"I want to know everything there is to know about you."

"There’s not much to tell. My father left us, my mother was… well, you’ve met her."

"Yeah. Was she always like that?"

"Well, let’s just say George Lucas wasn’t expecting us for lunch to discuss ideas for his next ‘Star Wars’ movie."

"Wow." She shook her head in utter amazement.

"Yeah. And when she wasn’t drunk and insane, she was sober and missing."

"I am so sorry."

He shook his head dismissively… "It’s ok, Caroline. What about your childhood… with Ward and June Cleaver…"

"Oh hush!" she scolded him for his wisecrack… "My childhood was good. With the exception that Chris would constantly out-shine me…"

"Yeah… Dr. Flawless…"


Richard sat up… "Turn around, I’ll rub your shoulders."

She sat up and turned around, her back to him, dropping the robe off her shoulders. He worked his artistic hands across her skin, receiving a soft moan from Caroline. He slowly worked his way down her back, massaging and kneading, then, he worked his way around to her front. He could feel his need building as he heard the soft sounds of Caroline’s enjoyment. He kissed her neck and shoulder as he pushed against her, letting her feel his arousal. Caroline started to giggle, and he moved around to look at her, one eyebrow raised…


"I’m sorry, Richard…" she chuckled… "You’re just… so… insatiable…"

"And this is funny to you?"

She fought to wipe the smile off her face, something that was proving difficult… "No. No, not funny. Just… surprising."

"Surprising, huh?" he smiled mischievously, inching towards her playfully…

"Richard? What are you doing?" She started to back away, grinning as she watched this usually stiff, unapproachable man crawl towards her like a cat stalking its prey. His face held the most wicked of grins, and Caroline jumped off the bed, running for the door. He grabbed her before she could get to the door, spinning her around and pinning her arms behind her back, kissing her aggressively. He kept himself aware of her reaction, carefully deciding if she was upset or uncomfortable, but within mere moments he felt her respond to his kiss. He broke away from the kiss, nuzzling near her ear while continuing to pin her hands behind her, not unlike being handcuffed.

"I love you, Caroline." He whispered in her ear… "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do. I love you…"

"Do you have a scarf?"

Caroline eyed him warily… "Yeah."

"Get it." He let go of her hands and she smirked at him, then went to her dresser, retrieving the scarf, handing it to him.

He looked in her eyes, conveying love and respect, then tied the scarf around her eyes, blindfolding her. Leading her to the bed he helped her to sit, then to lie back, positioning her where he wanted her. He kissed each hand, then brought them over her head…

"Hold on to the head board." He told her gently… "And don’t let go."

Caroline did as he asked, trembling, not from fear, but from excitement. Being blindfolded made her other senses hyper sensitive, and it was thrilling. He leaned forward and kissed her ear, feeling her tremble he became concerned…

"You’re trembling. Are you scared?"



He slowly ran his hands over her body, tickling and exciting her bare skin, finally reaching her breasts. He licked and kissed her all over, purposefully avoiding her erect nipples.

"Richard…" she said his name pleadingly.

"Ssshhh…" he hushed her… "Just lay back and enjoy. Delayed gratification can be very stimulating."

"And the blindfold?"

"Interfering with depth perception can be exciting as well. Now, ssshhh."

"Sorry…" she whispered, stifling a laugh. Richard scowled at her, a smile on his face, then resumed his affection.

He kissed and caressed her body, adoring her, sending her to paradise. Her hands flew off the headboard and grabbed for him, but he grasped her hands and pinned them to the bed. When her body stopped shaking and her breathing started to return to normal, he let go of her hands and took the blindfold off…

"Was I right?" he asked, running his fingers lightly over her face.

"Hmmm?" she asked dreamily, opening her eyes slowly.

"About the blindfold. And your hands on the headboard. Did it… add to the experience?"

"Oh yeah."

"I’m glad." He planted tender kisses on her lips, combing her hair back with his fingers.

"How did you know about that?"

"That’s my secret."

"Ah, mysterious to the last, eh?"

"Something like that."

"Ok…" Caroline jumped up, running her hands up his chest… "Your turn."

"Ummm… no, no. I don’t want--"

"Don’t you trust me?" Caroline interrupted.

He stopped and looked at her, his thoughts spinning. He trusted her explicitly, but the thought of not having a certain measure of control made him uneasy.

"Of course I trust you, Caroline…" he took her hands in his and squeezed gently… "It’s not that, believe me…"

"Then what?" She could tell he was struggling for the words to explain. "Richard? Tell me."

"I have issues with relinquishing control."

"Ok. I understand." She nodded, smiling… "I wouldn’t want to do anything to make you uncomfortable…"

He held her tight to him, embracing her with great affection… "I love you, Caroline. Thank you..."

She encouraged him to lay back, then placed her hand over his eyes… "Close your eyes." When she took her hand away, his eyes were closed. She smiled at his show of trust… "Now, don’t open them. No matter what I do…"

He nodded his understanding, then without being asked grabbed hold of the headboard.

"Good boy." She purred, slithering up his body as she straddled him.

He could have opened his eyes at any time, or taken his hands off the headboard, but he didn’t. He wanted to show Caroline that he trusted her, and he was enjoying the added sensations that not seeing or touching... not knowing what was coming next was giving him.

He called out her name as his body stiffened, his back arched, and he shuddered, his breathing becoming shallow gulps of air. When the fantastic feeling subsided, he opened his eyes and brought his hands off the headboard and to Caroline’s shoulders.

All he could say was ‘Wow’, and Caroline laughed as she climbed off him, laying beside him…

"And you said you couldn’t do it…"

"Well, I never actually relinquished control. I wasn’t tied up or anything…" Richard reasoned…

"I know. We’ll save that for another time." The look on her face told Richard she was serious, and he smiled in response.

After several minutes of blissful silence, Caroline sat up… "You know what sounds good?"


"Chinese food!"

"I’ll order it."

"Thanks." With a quick kiss she was off the bed and heading for the bathroom, giving Richard a great view of her curvaceous body as she did. He smiled to himself, amazed at how fortunate he was to have found such an incredible woman.


--As they ate their meal from Happy Garden they chatted casually, no one subject being the topic of conversation for very long.

"They’re eventually going to expect a strip from you." Richard advised…

"Well, I thought ahead. I actually gave them the strip through the week. No deadlines this week." She had a ‘cat-that-ate-the-canary’ smile on her face and Richard chuckled…

"I see. So, there’s nothing stopping us from being in bed all week…"


"Hmmm… sounds good to me."

Just then there was a knock at the door, causing both of them to turn around…

"Just ignore it." Caroline whispered, receiving a smile in response from Richard.

"Guys! I know you’re in there! Open up!" It was Annie’s voice, and Caroline stifled a laugh while Richard rolled his eyes.

They heard keys in the lock and the door suddenly began to open, only to be stopped by the chain.

"C’mon guys! What are you, rabbits?! Enough is enough!"

"This coming from the head bunny." Richard whispered sarcastically to Caroline, then he got up and walked to the door, peeking out and at Annie… "Do you mind? Three’s a crowd here."

"Richie! Open up!"

"No. And Caroline can’t come out to play right now. She’s been grounded for the next week, so go find someone else to annoy."

"Hey! I’m not annoying!"

"If you say so. Look, you can attach yourself to Caroline’s hip next week. This week, she’s attached to mine. Bye now." He shut the door soundly to make his point then locked the deadbolt…

"Caroline, call me later…" Annie’s voice could be heard on the other side of the door.

"Ok, Annie. I will."

Richard shook his head… "Pest."

"Be nice." She scolded in mock irritation.

"Define nice."

"Friendly, cordial, polite…"

"You don’t want much…" he joked, his cynical tone of voice returning.

She smirked at him, tossing a wadded up napkin at him… "Not much, just you."

"You have me."


"I don’t know if this is such a good idea, Richard…" Caroline complained half-heartedly.

"It’s a great idea, Caroline! Just relax, it’ll be great." He assured her as he set up his easel.

"I don’t know. It just seems to me that if there is some big painting out there of me naked, someone is bound to see it eventually."

"It’s going to be a small painting. And no one will see it…"

"Famous last words." She mumbled under her breath.


"Nothing. Look, can’t we do this with clothes?"

Richard stopped buzzing about and looked at her thoughtfully… "Are you really that uncomfortable about this?"

She nodded… "I really am."

"What if your hands and arms were strategically placed? Covering areas you want covered…"

Caroline smiled wide, relief in her expression… "Yeah. Ok, that would be good."

He kissed her quickly and hurried about again, setting everything up. He helped to position her how he wanted her and prepared his palette with various shades of color. He smiled as he poised himself over the canvas, drinking in her beauty before starting.

They talked a bit, about art… colors he found that worked well for her flesh, her hair, her eyes. They talked about opera and the ‘Caroline’ strip, and they even talked about Annie. He was on such a creative roll that he worked through dinner and into the night. Caroline was exhausted from posing for so long, and she couldn’t help but yawn.

"I’m sorry, you’re tired. Let’s finish this tomorrow…" Richard suggested, putting his brush and palette down.

"Thank you, I am getting tired…" She stood to stretch and he walked to her, wrapping his arms around her…

"I bet you are. It’s hard keeping a pose for that long…"

They walked upstairs and climbed into bed. Within moments, they fell fast asleep in the ‘spoon’ position, Caroline’s back to Richard’s front, his arm draped over her, pulling her tight to him.


--When morning came Annie called again, and came over again, and pounded on the door again, but they ignored her… again. They talked about the painting while casually eating breakfast, relaxing and enjoying the lazy Sunday. After breakfast, they resumed the painting. Richard helped her to recapture the pose she had been in and got to work excitedly, knowing the finished product would be soon.

--As the morning turned to afternoon, Caroline started to fidget, sore and tired from sitting in the same position for hours on end.

"Do you want to take a break?" Richard asked, noticing her discomfort.

"Yeah. I need to stretch… and I need to go to the bathroom…"

He chuckled as he put his brush and palette down, approaching her… "Here, let me rub out the kinks…" He started at her shoulders, gently massaging, easing away the soreness, then he traveled lower. Then lower still, till he got to her feet. "Better?"

"Much. Thank you."

He grabbed her terry robe and helped her into it… "You want some lunch?"

"Yeah. I’m starving!"

"Why didn’t you say something?"

"I was enjoying watching you work." She smiled brightly, then headed for the bathroom.

--After lunch they picked up where they left off, Richard lost in his art, Caroline watching him with loving curiosity. It was almost erotic how passionate he was about painting, the love for his work and the concentration he showed was a very appealing part of his complex personality.

"Ok, you can get up now." He said as he reached for his paints.

"It’s done?"

"Not quite. But I’m done needing you to pose."

She stood and eased in to her robe, then walked towards the easel…

"Ah-ah-ah. You can’t see it yet."

"Why not?"

"It’s not done yet."

Caroline started to pout… "Well, when will it be done?"

Richard kissed her pouting lips… "Soon…" he assured her.

"Well, while you’re doing that I’m gonna go call Annie…"


--"I thought you were gonna stay locked up in there forever! Can I come over now?" Annie asked as she twirled the phone cord around her finger.

"No, not yet. I’m only calling you cause Richard is finishing up a painting."

"He’s painting!? Why is he painting?"

"He painted me." Caroline informed proudly.

"Well, if all he is doing is painting, why can’t I come over?"

"Cause we are not done spending time together."

"How much time do you need?"

"Well, I took the week off…"

"A whole week?! What am I supposed to do about coffee? And food!"

Caroline sighed and shook her head… "I don’t know, go to the grocery store?"

Annie grumbled in response… "Fine, fine. So, while you got a minute… dish!"

"I don’t know if I should. Richard likes his privacy…"

"So? He’ll never know!"

"Annie, I love you, but you have a mouth the size of the Grand Canyon. There is no way I trust you not to use the information for evil."

"Oh, well, thanks a lot!"

Annie was upset, and hurt, and Caroline could tell…

"Ok, if you ask me questions, I’ll answer them. Well, some of them…"

Annie perked up and the chipper sound returned to her voice.

--Richard climbed the stairs to get Caroline, but stopped when he heard her on the phone. He could only hear her side of the conversation, but he stayed quiet and eavesdropped anyway.

"Yes. ~~ No. ~~ No! That’s gross! Who would do that?! ~~ Yeah, well, you would! ~~ Sorry. ~~ Yes. ~~ VERY Passionate. ~~ VERY loving. ~~ Four times. ~~ Yep! ~~ Incredible! ~~ Yep. ~~ Oh, there’s no comparison. ~~ Really. ~~ Yeah! I had 2 of them! ~~ No, not 2 out of 4 times. Five times total, 2 at one time! ~~ Yes! Really! ~~ I know! I’ve never had that before! ~~ It was amazing!"

Richard beamed as he listened to Caroline’s glowing account of their time together. He was glad that she was enjoying herself as much as he was. After a moment, he knocked on the door, getting her attention…


"Hang on Annie. -- Yeah?"

"Painting is done."

"Ok. Be right there." She called out, then returned to the phone… "I gotta go Annie. I’ll call you later. Bye."

--She walked downstairs, stopping when she saw the expression on his face…

"What?" she asked, matching his smile.

"Come. Look." He stated simply, holding his hand out for her to join him. He had the painting turned so she couldn’t see it as she descended the stairs. She approached him, stopping when he put his hand up. "Ready?"

She nodded… "Yes."

He turned the painting around and set it back on the easel for Caroline to see, watching her face carefully for her expression.

She gasped as she saw it, her mouth opening wide in awe. It was so beautiful. It was her, but her seen from his eyes. You could see the absolute love and adoration he had for her, and the sight of it, seeing what she meant to him in this form brought tears to her eyes.

"My God, Richard, it’s amazing." She whispered, taking a step closer to it to study it better.

"Do you really like it?"

"I love it, Richard. You are just incredible…"

He walked to her, reaching out to wipe her tears… "Why are you crying?" he asked softly.

"I just-- Do you really see me like this?"

"Like what?"

"Beautiful." She replied apprehensively.

"Yes. You are incredibly beautiful, Caroline."

She looked to him, smiling shyly and he noticed her blush. He ran his hands through her hair, then down to her shoulders, pushing the robe off to expose her pale skin. She knew what he was hinting at, and she smiled as she dropped the robe to the floor. Richard touched her stomach, causing her to jump slightly.

"Sorry…" he whispered, running his hands up her sides till he reached her breasts. He cupped them, stroking the now erect nipples with his thumbs as he kissed her passionately… "God, I love you."

He kissed her body everywhere frantically, like he couldn’t get enough of her fast enough. He stripped his clothes off and guided her to the couch, leaning her back as he continued loving her. She was swept away by the fervor he exhibited as he made love to her, perfectly and completely.

"Where is this energy coming from?" she asked, struggling to catch her breath.

"You. From you. You inspire me… energize me…"

"I don’t know if I can keep up with this pace. You’re exhausting me…"

He looked at her with concern and she contemplated the expression for a moment before realizing how her comment sounded…

"I’m joking Richard! I love this side of you!"

He looked relieved and kissed her softly… "I’m just so afraid of ruining everything."

"You’re not going to ruin anything Richard, just relax. We’re doing good… better than good."

"Yeah, but for how long? How long will it be before you wake up and realize what a horrible mistake you’ve made being with me?"

Caroline reached out and placed her hand on his cheek… "Richard, I’m not going to do that. I mean, I don’t know what is going to happen with us, you know, long term… but I do know this… I love you, and I will never think us together was a horrible mistake."

He nodded and smiled, placing his hand over hers… "I guess I just have a few insecurities…"

"Don’t we all…"


--The next several days were wonderful. They spent time exploring their relationship, and each other, laughing and talking, touching and loving, ignoring everything else entirely. Annie gave up on the idea that she would ever see them again, so she stopped calling and pounding on the door, much to Richard’s surprise.

--The week was near its end and Richard and Caroline spent most of the weekend wrapped in each other’s arms. They learned more about each other in that week than they had the entire time they’d known each other, and they felt their connection was stronger because of it. They lost all track of time those last few days, the hours blending into one long, beautiful lovemaking session.

--Caroline wouldn’t have believed it possible that every time he touched her it was like the first time he had touched her. He brought out feelings and desires she didn’t know were in her, and she felt helpless to control her hunger as he touched her and kissed her. She had never felt so loved, so desired, and she knew, even if they weren’t ready to admit it yet, that this was the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

--Richard couldn’t believe that this incredible woman was here, loving him, wanting him, completing him. He had never felt so happy and he vowed that he would do whatever it took to make her as happy as she made him, being with her. He knew this was his sincere amore, that he would never have to question his love for her, or her love for him, and he knew that one day, when the time was right, he would ask her to be his wife.

--He ached to be inside her… kissing her, holding her, and caressing her only the beginning of the journey they were taking. He reached between her legs, fondling and stroking, checking her state of arousal. He touched her sensitive folds of skin and she gasped, pushing against his hand, desperate for the contact.

"You are so wet…" he whispered as he removed his hand, positioning himself between her legs. Her eyes were begging him as he pressed lightly against her opening, inching just the tip of his penis inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she grabbed at his shoulders, her breathing ragged…

"Now. Please. Please, make love to me…"

He sighed deeply at the need in her voice. Needing her as well, he entered her, holding her tightly to him, the sweet rhythm slow and sensual. She could feel him go deeper and deeper as he sped up the pace, his climactic reward nearing. He buried his face in the hollow of her shoulder and his breathing quickened, telling Caroline he was close.

"Wait for me…" she whispered breathlessly…

"I don’t know if I can…"


It took everything in Richard’s power to hold off, almost to the point of causing himself pain.



He was losing control… "Caroline…" he whispered in panicked anguish…


Suddenly, she felt it approach, and her body started to tremble… "Now…" she gasped as her back arched.

Richard relaxed, allowing his orgasm to flood his senses. He felt her climax hit her, her muscles tightening around him and he groaned loudly as the sensation overwhelmed him.

"Caroline! Uhhnn… Care--" his words more like soft grunts than anything coherent.

Thrilled by his reaction, she moved her lips across his shoulder till she found his neck and started sucking firmly. His hands flew to the back of her neck, pressing her into him, encouraging her.

"Harder…" he begged as his thrusts slowed.

She sucked harder on his delicate skin, aware of the mark she was leaving, but encouraged to continue by the sounds of Richard’s humming and moaning. She stopped when he stopped, and she looked at his neck… a red mark very visible.

"You’re gonna have a hard time hiding that." Caroline stated softly, kissing the reddened area.

"Who says I want to hide it?" He pulled back and smiled at her… "I don’t care who knows about our love, and your love bite is just a symbol of that love."

They collapsed side by side, struggling to catch their breaths, basking in the moment. Richard crawled out of bed a few minutes later and headed for the bedroom door…

"Where are you going?" Caroline asked as she watched him leave…

"I’ll be right back…"

"Ok. Hurry."

--Richard took longer than expected, so Caroline wandered downstairs to see what he was doing…

"Richard… come back upstairs…" she pleaded, wearing nothing but the apron he had given her at the Inn. He hadn’t planned on giving her an apron, he had bought her a beautiful negligee, but it somehow got switched with a gift Del was giving to a fraternity brother.

"Alright, just a sec. I want to finish carbo loading."

"What day is it anyway?"

"Huh? I have no idea."

"Huh." Caroline walked to the door and opened it, grabbing the top newspaper off the large stack of newspapers that had been piling up all week. She looked at the date on the paper… "Good, it’s still November." She joked, shutting the door and locking it.

"Alright, come on." He said as he walked to her… "Break’s over."

They walked back upstairs to make the most of the rest of the day. Their last uninterrupted day before they had to get back to work… and back to life as usual.





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