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Earlier works – Not very good – Read with that in mind


The One With The Alternate London

Rated ‘NC-17’

My version of what COULD HAVE happened in London.

The One After Chandler & Monica’s Wedding

Rated ‘R’

My version of what happened after Chandler and Monica said 'I do'.

The One Where Chandler is Missing

Rated ‘PG-13’

A different spin on what happened when Chandler took off right before his wedding.

The One With Ross’ Reaction

Rated ‘PG’

 Picks up where episode 'TOW The Birthing Video' leaves off.

The One With The Ghost Of Central Perk

Rated ‘PG’

Central Perk is haunted?

The One With The Emotional Scars

Rated ‘NC-17’

Alternate universe - After a traumatic event in her childhood, Monica learns to love again.

The One With The 1st Christmas

Rated ‘PG’

Chandler & Monica have chosen not to discuss something that happened in the past ...
till he gives her a very special Christmas present.

The One Where Someone Is Lying

Rated ‘PG’

Janice is trying to break Chandler and Monica up.

The One Where Monica Has Issues

Rated ‘PG’

Monica has issues with gaining weight and is reluctant to talk to Chandler about it.

The One Where Chandler Freaks

Rated ‘PG’

Chandler becomes more than just concerned over Monica's health.